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Welcome to The OASIS Peakhurst Retirement Apartments

A haven where luxury apartment living is appreciated. The heart of a community, respecting the need for sanctuary. In a home within easy reach of what you love about Sydney.

An exclusive community of boutique, contemporary and smart urban residences, proudly part of the Retirement Your Way development portfolio.

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Pool & Spa

Pool & Spa

Our indoor heated pool and spa are fantastic ways to limber up or wind down. The adjoining sundeck has a great outlook and it’s the perfect way to enjoy our wonderful weather. And what makes the pool even more appealing is that our staff handle all the maintenance, so you can just indulge and enjoy it.



A stylish, sky-deck getaway to enjoy an idyllic, relaxing drink, summer barbeque or, perhaps, you need the perfect location to entertain and impress. The rooftop is a wonderful space to mix, meet and enjoy with your new neighbours atop The OASIS.



A chic, city restaurant, cool street café or your new, favourite coffee shop hangout. Quality dining at The OASIS can become an enjoyable experience for you, every day. Our resident chef would be delighted if you made it your café-de-jour.



Our full-size cinema screen with surround sound and premium class seating for 21 brings the best in large screen entertainment right to you.
The state-of-the-art cinema runs the latest releases as well as favourite classics that never lose appeal. Make it a movie night with your family or friends.



There comes a time when we all need to find that enticing, quiet ambience where you can be alone with your thoughts, your daily paper or for some quality, one-to-one time with someone special. Our cool, urban-styled communal lounge at The OASIS is the place.



With the sunlight flooding through the ceiling high windows across you, lounging back, enjoying the latest best-seller, The OASIS library space comes close to nirvana for all the bookworms and avid readers within the apartment neighbourhood.



Living at The OASIS is all about keeping you happier and healthier for as long as we can. So, what better way to achieve that level of fitness or reach your ideal weight, than enjoying regular sessions in your very own, on-site gym. Utilising the personalised, HUR senior’s gym technology, you’ll enjoy it even more.

Hair Salon

Hair Salon

Nothing gives a girl a lift quite like a visit to your hair salon for a trim, cut or style. Well, The OASIS has that waiting for you as well. Whether you’re heading out on the town or inviting friends around to enjoy The OASIS restaurant-café, your resident hairdresser will be here for you.

Medi-Wellness Centre

Medi-Wellness Centre

This makes The OASIS Peakhurst completely worry-free. Onsite consultation and treatment by GPs, visiting specialists and Allied Health professionals. The OASIS residents will have a Medi-Wellness Centre, within their community.

Preparing for retirement is an important time for anyone. We all have different expectations about how to spend our golden years. Although we have different needs, many people have the same questions about their option for retirement living. Some of the most common ones we hear include:

There’s always something to do in retirement when you live in a luxury retirement apartment like The OASIS Peakhurst. Go for a daily swim in the indoor heated pool or spend some time in our spa. It’s like owning your own private swimming pool but without any of the maintenance.

Spend time getting to know your new community members over a cup of coffee, a relaxing drink, or a delicious meal. Take to the rooftop for an intimate gathering or indulge in a favourite or something new at the café or a city restaurant.

Spend some alone time relaxing in the lounge or catch a movie with some friends in our full-size cinema. We also have an on-site library, hair salon, and gym. The luxury retirement centre ensures you’ll never be bored or without companionship when you want it.

Retirement homes are residences where seniors receive special services that allow them to retain their freedom. Seniors lose their flexibility and mobility as they get older. Some are only mildly affected while others lose their capacity to take care of themselves. Health conditions including dementia and Alzheimer’s make a big difference in a senior’s capabilities.

In the past, the only choices for seniors were to stay at home or go into a nursing home. Retirement homes offer a broader ranger of services than nursing homes. They provide different levels of care according to the individual’s needs. For example, they might provide access to medical care or transportation to doctor’s appointments. There are also usually some forms of entertainment to occupy the retirement home’s residents.

Luxury retirement homes provide retirees with a luxurious environment that allows for aging gracefully. They start with contemporary living quarters in a lavish setting complete with all the modern amenities. Luxury retirement homes facilitate healthier living while giving seniors the protection and independence they need. And, luxury retirement living is the kind of retirement home that most of us would choose to live out our golden years.

All retirement homes aren’t the same, though. Contact us on (02) 8708 4700 to learn more about the difference in luxury living at The OASIS Peakhurst.

A retirement village in Australia is for people who are aged over 55 years to live in a community that is welcoming and specifically designed for them to enjoy their retirement. The OASIS, on top of offering deluxe living, and surrounds, also offers a level of care and service that is among the very best on offer. Lots of opportunities to meet other like-minded people who enjoy the same interests, no matter what they may be. And, as you age, a level of care that is delivered into your own home at The OASIS, that enables you to age on your own terms, with our support. We will be there with you, to guide you and help you. We will take the journey together.

You can love your retirement when you live life on your terms. Everyone has different ideas about what they will do once they are no longer working. Maybe retirement means spending more time enjoying your favourite activities. Or, maybe it’s a chance to try something new. Our retirement apartments in Sydney have everything you need to live your life comfortably doing what you want to do every day.

Our contemporary retirement apartments in Sydney are absolutely beautiful. You're right in the heart of Sydney so there’s always something to do or see. You have all the best amenities at your disposal to make your life comfortable. The best way to love your retirement is to live every day on your terms. It couldn’t be easier with the many advantages offered at The OASIS Peakhurst retirement apartments in Sydney.

If you still aren’t sure that our retirement apartments in Sydney are the right choice for you, complete the contact form below to learn more.

Retirement is the phase of your life when you reach your preservation age of between 55 and 60 and have access to your super. It’s the time when you no longer work either part-time or full-time for pay. And, a luxury retirement is one in which a person enjoys amenities and activities that surpass their basic needs.

At The OASIS Peakhurst, we provide luxury retirement living in an idyllic setting. Our luxury retirement apartments facilitate a better style of life than most people will enjoy at home or in a retirement facility that only meets Australia’s regulations. Every resident can choose which type of facility they want to live in and which activities they want to participate in.

Every person has different tastes and capabilities when they reach retirement age. As such, we give everyone the choices they need to live in total comfort and enjoy every day of their retirement doing what they want to do. Indeed, a luxury retirement home makes it easier for retirees to enjoy a better quality of life regardless of their individual capabilities.

Call The OASIS Peakhurst on (02) 8708 4700 to learn more about moving into our luxury retirement facility.

Choosing where to live in retirement is a lot like choosing a home during any part of your life. There are multiple factors to consider, starting with how you plan to spend your time. If you are still healthy and active, you might not be ready to spend all of your time at home. One reason people choose to move into our retirement apartments in Sydney is the location. We offer beautiful contemporary apartments, scenic views, and all the activities that you already enjoy in Sydney.

Of course, the cost is a consideration when thinking about your ideal retirement home. You might think you can’t afford to move out of your home. Many seniors find that moving into our retirement apartments in Sydney is more affordable than they ever imagined. They no longer have the expense of keeping up their home. They also have the advantage of always having access to healthy cooked meals.

Residents with special medical needs can also benefit from living in a retirement community. Not only do they have access to the medical care they need, but also the full range of medical appoints with allied health professionals are managed for them. When you make the choice to move into our retirement apartments in Sydney, you have access to many important services when you need them. Submit the contact form below to learn more about the offerings at The OASIS Peakhurst.

You can choose a retirement home & village by considering the features that each has to offer. Look at which retirement villages in Sydney offer important services like access to medical care and meal preparation. Also, consider your choices in location and the amenities offered. Finally, take any special needs you have into consideration. If you or a loved one has dementia, consider the retirement villages in Sydney that offer memory care. Call (02) 8708 4700 and ask us about our memory care offerings.

You should choose retirement living so you can enjoy the rewards of a lifetime of work. A luxury retirement is a lifestyle of indulgence. Why not enjoy everything you worked for without the worry that comes from living in your own house.

Luxury retirement at The OASIS Peakhurst means no more maintenance, daily chores, or caring for your lawn. You live in a contemporary apartment with all of the newest amenities. There’s no better way to enjoy a better quality of life. It’s what you’ve planned for during most of your adult years. Contact us to learn more about planning your luxury retirement at The OASIS Peakhurst.

Health and Wellbeing

At The OASIS Peakhurst, everything is on hand to help you feel fit, healthy and happy. Staying active and independent is fully supported by the array of health services and facilities on offer at The OASIS, all designed to help you maintain a positive, balanced lifestyle.

From physiotherapy, occupational therapy and fitness programs, to onsite doctors and monthly visits from specialists, all the health services you need are only steps away from your brand-new, contemporary apartment.

For a list of health and wellbeing services available at The OASIS Peakhurst, click on the button below to find out more.

The OASIS residents have access to complete medical support and services through Retirement Your Way, from an attending registered nurse through to medical consultations and pharmacy deliveries.

The full range of medical appointments with allied health professionals can be coordinated for you, through your on-site management team at The OASIS Peakhurst, covering health and wellbeing issues like dietary, psychology and alternative therapies.

As well as access to the heated indoor pool, The OASIS Peakhurst includes personally tailored fitness programs, from gentle therapeutic services to the more fitness focused sessions. And, all managed by professional Personal Trainers.

Essentially, HomeCare Your Way gives you the freedom to choose the services you need, as and when you want them. Services include personal, dietary and domestic support with home care packages, nursing help, respite care or social transport.

Some retirement villages will offer different types of accommodation; independent living, serviced apartments or aged care. People who choose independent living do just that, they live independently whilst enjoying other facilities in the village which may include a café/bistro, cinema, pool and gym. People who live in a serviced apartment or aged care do so because they need assistance with everyday tasks such as showering, meals, medication etc. At The OASIS Peakhurst we offer independent living. However we are an Accredited Provider of HomeCare which allows us to offer tailor made assistance programs to our residents. Sometimes people need very little assistance to remain independent, sometimes they need a little more. But our HomeCare business (HomeCare Your Way) allows people to remain in their chosen apartment, remain independent, and that’s important.

Your apartment is your home for life. When you start to find everyday tasks difficult, our care manager will meet with you and your family (if you wish) and together you will design a program that will meet your individual needs. That could be assistance with meals, laundry, cleaning or getting to appointments. As time goes on, it could also be assistance with showering or whatever you need to be comfortable. Your health and wellbeing are always uppermost in our minds so we offer facilities like our lap pool, spa and gym. For relaxation try our cinema, relax in the lounge, read in the library or even have your hair done in the salon. For your convenience we also have a medical suite; we have great relationships with our allied health professionals and you will be able to see a GP, a podiatrist, an audiologist, an optometrist, even a dentist, without leaving the comfort of the village.

When choosing your new home, choose something that suits your lifestyle and gives you peace of mind. The village should have all the facilities and amenities that will make your life easier. The manager and team should be welcoming and caring. At The OASIS Peakhurst we welcome you like we welcome our own families. We encourage you to enjoy our health and wellbeing facilities; our job is to help you create your own retirement lifestyle whilst enjoying our thoughtful extras.

Most people, when looking for a retirement village, choose to stay in the area that they currently live, especially if they have lived there for a number of years. Familiar services and facilities are then still available, friends and family are close by. The retirement village you choose should then align with your values and allow you to feel at home. The OASIS Peakhurst is located in Sydney’s inner west giving you the best of both worlds in terms of urban convenience but with parks and mature gardens within easy reach.

Do you enjoy eating out? Do you have your favourite restaurants or do you like to try something new? The Oasis Peakhurst’s own café/bistro may become your second home. Our fully qualified chef has created a menu full of our residents’ favourites which he compliments with a specials board. So easy for when family and friends come to visit.

We all like to think that, like a fine wine, we will mature beautifully so we need to take good care of our bodies and minds. At The OASIS Peakhurst you will enjoy living in an area where you can exercise your freedom but still connect. Keep fit, keep learning, enjoy and share your everyday experiences. In addition to our in-house activities, our residents also enjoy visits from Organised Occasions and Travel Partners. Imagine being able to plan your next holiday from the comfort of your own lounge? Or a trip to the Hunter with friends? Wouldn't that be nice.

Moving into your chosen apartment is simply the next step in creating a sense of secure independence for this next stage in your life. You may find that since you have downsized and no longer worry about home maintenance or so much housework, that you have time to spend on hobbies you always wanted to try. You will simply have more time for you.

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The OASIS Peakhurst offers premium quality apartments boasting immaculate fixtures, fittings and finishes throughout spacious, light-filled and enticing, open-plan living spaces. This is luxury modern apartment living that creates a haven, heart and home. A sophisticated retiree’s residence, neighbourhood and lifestyle like no other in Peakhurst.

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Your Purchase Journey

We are a family owned and run retirement village. We strive to provide a happy and safe home where our residents can enjoy a high standard of independent living. We foster an environment where respect, dignity and friendship are held in high regard and we encourage a family friendly community of peace, security and happiness.

We are ready to help support you through the process of finding your perfect retirement solution.

Call us on 02 8708 4700 so we can take care of the details to guarantee you a hassle-free journey into your new life at The OASIS Peakhurst.

Download the purchase journey as a PDF file.

Come in and meet us, have a cuppa and let’s talk about how we can help you. Let’s talk about your future, what you need and what retirement means to you and how we will deliver it to you!

Found that amazing apartment that you want to call home at The OASIS? Let’s get your home secured for you.

We will walk you through the services we offer and give you an in-depth explanation of the financials. You should have a clear understanding of what you need to pay and where your money goes before making the big decision. By paying us your holding deposit we will ensure your new home is put aside for you. You will receive a Trust Receipt detailing your holding deposit. If, for some reason, circumstances change, we will refund 100% of your holding deposit with no questions asked.

Once we have your holding deposit we will send a Lease Advice to your Solicitor (and ours). This is a one-page document giving them both the basic details of your sale. You will also receive an Agreement for Lease document and the Lease document for The OASIS detailing your choice of new home. We will not ask you to sign the lease documents until we are close to completion of the village. We will give you four months’ notice to sell your home and prepare for settlement. We can liaise with your real estate agent to ensure a smooth transition. You are supported at every turn.

During the construction of The OASIS, you’ll be given regular updates by email and phone calls. You can ask any question (there are no silly questions); we want you to feel comfortable and part of the process. We will hold regular get-togethers for you to meet your new neighbours and friends. When we are able, we will organise site visits so you can get a feel for your new home.

We will keep you up to date with all our milestones with photos of the build as it happens.

Here’s where it gets a bit legal and we recommend that you meet with your Solicitor to discuss the contract documents, so if you have any questions, you can ask them as well. They will have held your lease documents since the time you put your holding deposit down. They will have plenty of time to peruse the lease and ask us any questions that need answers.

Once your apartment at The OASIS is ready it’s an exciting time for you, where you get to move in! We will have already given you four months’ notice; your home will have been recently sold and the settlement locked in. You can organise the moving truck. You will have already visited your Solicitor and signed the lease documents.

When we can, we will give you daytime access to your new home before settlement. You can measure, you can have furniture delivered, you can invite family and friends for a tour – you don’t have to wait for moving day to bring things across, you can have your new home ready and waiting.

We’ll arrange to come and have a look at your amazing apartment with you or someone you nominate to make sure you are entirely happy with it.

The day has arrived. You’re moving into your forever home and will receive the keys to your apartment, once settlement has occurred. This day is the commencement date of your apartment contract. It means you’re here to stay and make it your very own. Welcome home!


The OASIS Peakhurst Retirement Apartments
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