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Oasis Peakhurst offers premium quality apartments boasting immaculate fixtures, fittings and finishes throughout spacious, light-filled and enticing, open-plan living spaces. This is luxury modern apartment living that creates a haven, heart and home. A sophisticated retiree’s residence, neighbourhood and lifestyle like no other in Peakhurst.

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Your Purchase Journey

Selling your home and investing in a retirement apartment is not a decision you should make overnight.

We know how hard this decision can be, this is why we made your purchase journey for your new retirement apartment as transparent and hassle-free as it could be.

We are ready to help support you through the process of finding your perfect retirement solution.

Call us on 02 8708 4700 so we can help you understand the entire process and decide whether Oasis Peakhurst is right for you.

Download the purchase journey as a PDF file

Come in and meet us, have a cuppa and let’s talk about how we can help you. Let’s talk about your future, what you need and what retirement means to you and how we will deliver it to you!

Found that amazing apartment that you want to call home at Oasis Peakhurst? Let’s get your home secured for you.

We will walk you through the services we offer and give you an in-depth explanation of the financials. You should have a clear understanding of what you need to pay and where your money goes before making the big decision. By paying us your holding deposit we will ensure your new home is put aside for you. You will receive a Trust Receipt detailing your holding deposit. If, for some reason, circumstances change, we will refund 100% of your holding deposit with no questions asked.

Once we have your holding deposit we will send a Lease Advice to your Solicitor (and ours). This is a one-page document giving them both the basic details of your sale. You will also receive an Agreement for Lease document and the Lease document for Oasis Peakhurst detailing your choice of new home. We will not ask you to sign the lease documents until we are close to completion of the village. We will give you four months’ notice to sell your home and prepare for settlement. We can liaise with your real estate agent to ensure a smooth transition. You are supported at every turn.

During the construction of Oasis Peakhurst, you’ll be given regular updates by email and phone calls. You can ask any question (there are no silly questions); we want you to feel comfortable and part of the process. We will hold regular get-togethers for you to meet your new neighbours and friends. When we are able, we will organise site visits so you can get a feel for your new home.

We will keep you up to date with all our milestones with photos of the build as it happens.

Here’s where it gets a bit legal and we recommend that you meet with your Solicitor to discuss the contract documents, so if you have any questions, you can ask them as well. They will have held your lease documents since the time you put your holding deposit down. They will have plenty of time to peruse the lease and ask us any questions that need answers.

Once your apartment at Oasis Peakhurst is ready it’s an exciting time for you, where you get to move in! We will have already given you four months’ notice; your home will have been recently sold and the settlement locked in. You can organise the moving truck. You will have already visited your Solicitor and signed the lease documents.

When we can, we will give you daytime access to your new home before settlement. You can measure, you can have furniture delivered, you can invite family and friends for a tour – you don’t have to wait for moving day to bring things across, you can have your new home ready and waiting.

We’ll arrange to come and have a look at your amazing apartment with you or someone you nominate to make sure you are entirely happy with it.

The day has arrived. You’re moving into your forever home and will receive the keys to your apartment, once settlement has occurred. This day is the commencement date of your apartment contract. It means you’re here to stay and make it your very own. Welcome home!

Like to know more about Oasis Peakhurst?

Call us on (02) 8708 4700 or fill out this form and we will be in touch.