The OASIS Peakhurst - Locality

Ian chose The OASIS Peakhurst, because of its location as it is close to our local area. Sounded very good and yes it's where we wanted to be.

The OASIS Peakhurst - Gardens

The important thing for Michael was the ground floor, where he can use the gardens in a sunny spot for his own recreations.

The OASIS Peakhurst - Companionship

Pohlin chose The OASIS Peakhurst not only for its close proximity to hercurrent lifestyle, but for the companionship and not to feel alone.

The OASIS Peakhurst - Beautiful Building

Steele and his wife chose The OASIS Peakhurst, because they want to stay in the local area and also thought the building looked beautiful.

The OASIS Peakhurst - Buying off the plan

Buying off the plan wasn't a huge risk. Fantastic concept, with restaurant and cafe on-site, plus all the facilities like indoor pool, gym and all the things Judy current uses. A complete community.