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What Retirement Journey is right for me
At The OASIS Peakhurst Retirement Apartments, we naturally have been talking with people who are ready to retire, and the main question they are asking us is, which retirement journey is right for me? This question is raised particularly when choosing between ‘home’, ‘residential apartment’ or ‘retirement living’.
How to Enjoy Life After 65? Here are 8 Golden Rules to Follow
Because we’re living longer, our ideas about aging are changing a great deal. So, when you turn 65 you may not be sure what to do with your life after this big milestone. Take a look at these golden rules to live your life by so you can enjoy just how nifty life is after 65. Keep your spirits up – after all – these could be the best years of your life!
The most personally, caring assistant in Sydney.
We’re Retirement Your Way Group and we have a magnificent retirement community in Padstow Heights called Beauty Point Retirement Resort. And, we need the Personal Care Assistant of all personal care assistants. Here’s the thing. We create the “ahhh-factor” for our retirees. We go above and beyond to, not simply ‘look after’ our residents but, give their lives a socially, active and inclusive boost. So, to make that happen, we want more than the everyday PCA. We want to find the sparkling diamond, the glittering prize and the crème-de-la-creme of Personal Care Assistants. If this is you get in contact with us today, or read on to find out more.
Retire, risk free at The OASIS Peakhurst
The OASIS Peakhurst Retirement Apartments offers 41 boutique, urban retirement apartments located in the St Georges area, which you can now ‘buy off the plan’ with all the facilities and services one would desire or need. Buying ‘off the plan’ allows you to retire, risk free at The OASIS Peakhurst at an affordable price, which is a rarity in the St George area.
Retire in control at The OASIS Peakhurst
Buying ‘off the plan’ at The OASIS Peakhusrt gives you more affordability as well as risk-free advantages, which are a rarity in the St George area. Giving you retirement living with a distinct quality and style. With a limited choice of only 41 boutique, urban apartments promising a close-knit retirement community with all the facilities you could need, such as your own café restaurant, indoor lap pool and spa, library, lounge and cinema, but the list does not stop there. Topped off with an equipped gym, hair salon and gorgeous sky-garden bar and alfresco garden spaces.
The OASIS Peakhurst has value built-in for buyers.
Starting at only $680,000*, your lifestyle at The OASIS Peakhurst is becoming more affordable, with space-smart residences at equally cost-effective prices.
Surprising Secrets to a Happy Retirement
If you move to a retirement village like Beauty Point Retirement Resort or the Oasis Peakhurst, there are so many facilities provided, you’ll have far more chance of enjoying a long and happy retirement. To help you on your way, here are some surprising secrets towards a happy retirement.
Retire, risk free at The OASIS Peakhurst
Buying 'off the plan' at The OASIS Peakhurst gives great advantages, risk free.
Buyers already snapping up units at The Oasis!
While construction is about to start on The Oasis – a new architect-designed retirement village in Peakhurst – units in the village have been selling off-the-plan for some time and a large number have already been purchased by buyers, keen to retire at this highly-anticipated village.
Free, independent advice for your retirement!
The Financial Information Service (FIS) is a great government service which was set up as the ‘Financial Information Service for Pensioners’ 29 years ago. It’s been helping older Australians make better decisions about their finances for all of those years, giving them free, independent and confidential advice about retirement, aged care and any taxation implications.