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Surprising Secrets to a Happy Retirement

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Surprising Secrets to a Happy Retirement

Many of us picture our life when we’re retired as a perfect mix of playing our favourite sport and catching up with family and friends. It’s everyone’s goal to be able to enjoy your retirement like this but it doesn’t just happen and it’s something you have to work towards.

If you move to a retirement village like Beauty Point Retirement Resort or the Oasis Peakhurst, there are so many facilities provided, you’ll have far more chance of enjoying a long and happy retirement.

To help you on your way, here are some surprising secrets towards a happy retirement.

Plan to be financially independent by the time you retire

If you’re financially independent by the time you retire, then you’re far more likely to have a happy retirement. If you have some money behind you from the sale of your family home or other assets, then you’ll have more choices when it comes to your retirement.

You don’t want to be stressed about money, so aim to arrive at your retirement without debt and with some savings. This way you’ll be far more likely to set yourself up for a very happy retirement. It’s worth it to get some advice from an experienced financial adviser and this way, you can plan for your retirement in advance.

Retire when you want to, because you want to

Sometimes people can be forced into retirement because the company they’ve worked for over a long period of time has restructured and there’s no longer a position for them.

If this kind of thing happens to you, don’t go into an early retirement if you’re not ready. You may be able to look at alternatives such as starting up your own small business on a part-time basis. Who knows, there could be a wide range of things you could do to make some money?

This way, you won’t be forced to retire before you’re ready. You need to retire on your own terms and according to your own plan. As we’ve said earlier, you don’t want to go into retirement with any debt and it’s best to have some savings. So if possible, look at ways you can make this possible.

Look at semi-retirement if that suits you better

It used to be that once you reached 65 you retired automatically. When people did this, they often found that when they didn’t have a job to go to and something they liked doing every day, it wasn’t good for their health or their happiness.

These days, things have changed. People don’t really want to retire because they often enjoy what they’re doing. So they tend to lean more towards semi-retirement. This way they can work part-time and they can continue to enjoy what they’re doing.

One secret to moving towards retirement or semi-retirement, is to start building skills which can create extra income while you’re in retirement. You then make the transition to retirement while working part-time until you become financially independent.

Proactively maintaining your health

As we get older, we need to be proactive about our health because the better your health is, the more likely you are to enjoy your retirement. Being proactive just means doing some exercise for half an hour a day and making sure your diet is healthy.

You should also be careful to have regular annual health check-ups. Some alternative therapies may be helpful as well such as massage or meditation. This way, you’ll keep yourself healthy and happy for longer.

These days, many people get 30 or 40 years of living in retirement, so it’s worthwhile making sure you’re healthy so you can enjoy these years to the full.

The good news is many retirement villages provide a gym, a pool and a spa, and they hold regular classes you can take part in and this makes it easier to keep active and stay healthy.

Keep yourself involved in ‘purposeful’ activities

When you first retire, you may think it’s fantastic not having to do anything or be anywhere. But after you go through this honeymoon period, you’ll find it can get a bit boring.

Research has shown, the people who enjoy their retirement the most are those who remain active and keep involved in ‘purposeful’ activities for at least five hours a week.

A ‘purposeful’ activity could be a new hobby or you may decide you’d like to volunteer for a certain charity. Or you could decide to do a lot of travelling at certain times of the year – really as long as you do something to make sure you have some ‘purposeful’ activity to keep you busy.

The reason ‘purposeful’ activity makes you feel better is because these activities make you feel like a contributor, they build your sense of self-worth and they give you satisfaction. This is why these activities are vital to everyone's wellbeing.

The great thing about retirement villages is there’s always something you can do – a choir you can join, an art class you can take up, a gym to work out in. There are many activities to choose from and it might take some time finding the right one for you. The important thing is to start.

Keep a network of people around you for emotional support

When you retire, your current group of friends could be work colleagues and when you leave your job, you may not see them much more at all. Some people find this very hard.

It’s much easier to cope with this situation if you live in a retirement village because you can join some of the classes and other activities within the village and this way you’ll meet a whole new network of people who can become your friends.

As well, you can also join local groups in your neighbourhood – possibly helping out at a local charity or something like that. Not having much of a social life can be bad for your health and studies have linked low social interaction and being isolated with a greater risk of heart disease and an increased risk of cognitive decline and dementia.

To stay happy and healthy in retirement, make time to develop new relationships and nurture existing ones because the happiest people keep their friends and family connections around them.

Actually plan for your retirement

Research has shown its worthwhile seeking advice or taking the time to educate yourself so you can actually plan for your retirement. For most people, this planning paves the ways to a happier and more enjoyable retirement.

When you spend time planning for your retirement, this doesn’t just mean financial planning. It also means planning for what kind of lifestyle you want to have when you retire.

You may ask where can you get retirement planning advice. Well, you can start by talking with your friends and family and asking others what they’ve done. Or look up some retirement advisory services in your area such as this one here.

You can also talk with consultants at both Beauty Point Retirement Resort and the Oasis Peakhurst. Call this number now and ask to speak to a consultant about your retirement: (02) 8708 4700