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What Retirement Journey is right for me

Posted on 00082020Tue, 13 Oct 2020 20:04:00 +103031

At The OASIS Peakhurst Retirement Apartments, we naturally have been talking with people who are ready to retire, and the main question they are asking us is, which retirement journey is right for me? This question is raised particularly when choosing between ‘home’, ‘residential apartment’ or ‘retirement living’.

Naturally, every retiree’s situation, needs, and goals are different and there is no one fits all solution. However, there is one very good reason why ‘retirement living’ is the journey that we recommend.

The OASIS Peakhurst Retirement Apartments is a retirement community designed around our need for companionship. That is the big benefit. It is that wonderful feeling, of knowing you are a valued friend in a neighbourhood of people like you.

Yes, ‘home’ is familiar, and ‘residential apartments’ have modern living, but it is inclusive communities that lets you really rediscover life. And at The OASIS Peakhurst an inclusive community will be fostered and encouraged. The thing to remember is, when you are in a fun, secure, happy place, your family is too.

There’s also all the other benefits, such as the shared facilities and services that can be enjoyed, such as indoor heated pool and spa, gym, café-restaurant, bar, library, cinema, rooftop sky-deck, library and much more. In addition, there is HomeCare Your Way, which offers personally tailored care plans to suit you and they range from low to high levels of care.

If you want to find out more about our recommended retirement journey or want to make a one-to-one appointment, please call Lisa on 02 8708 4700.