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How to choose where to live in retirement?

Posted on 00122021Wed, 14 Apr 2021 12:43:00 +093030

Where to retire is an important question to ask yourself in your early stages of planning for your retirement.

Retirement brings with it plenty of opportunities and so much to look forward to — time to spend with friends and family, enjoy your hobbies, try or learn something new, get fit or simply relax and do what you want. Where you decide to live can have an impact on your Lifestyle.

Here are 4 tips to help you choose where to live in retirement, so you can make the most out of your future.

  1. Think about the lifestyle you would like

    Your current lifestyle is something you’ve grown comfortably older with. Often, most people want to retain the bonds that they already have and just enhance their lifestyle to allow them more free time. That could be to socialise with friends, to have convenience on your doorstep or even to volunteer or learn a new hobby. When you are looking for the best place to retire it’s worth spending some time deciding what you want.

  2. Decide what services and facilities will benefit you now and into the future

    Now that you can visualise the lifestyle you want for yourself. When looking for places to retire, ask yourself what retirement facilities and services will support and complement the lifestyle you want for your retirement now and into the future. If it’s to remain healthy or become healthy, you may want access to a pool, spa or gym? Or if you want to increase your social life or simply to have companionship, you need to think about what community activities you can join or be part of. If you want to have people over for dinner and drinks or to watch the latest football game, ask the question will the place I retire accommodate this lifestyle? Also ask the question, will the place I retire allow me to age in place by providing services and home care assistance if and when it’s needed, allowing you to stay independent and in your home for longer.

  3. Review your long-term health and wellness needs.

    When planning where to live in your retirement you need to consider your health and wellbeing needs, not just for now, but into the future. Having access to medical wellness centre close to your home, or quick access to a nurse, or home care services to help you with cleaning, shopping, taking medication and the like, are all things that will be important when reviewing places to retire.

  4. Consider where you want to live, close to family, friends, and community

    For most retirees, the best place to retire means staying local to where they’ve lived and work is key; everything is familiar. Moving to a retirement village within your locale just takes that to the next level; many people view this as a way of having it all. The services and facilities that support your desired lifestyle and health needs are at your doorstep and you are surrounded by a like minded community that makes you feel part of the family Connected.

After answering all these questions, you can start reviewing your options regarding places to retire. There are so many choices nowadays. You may decide to stay in your current home, or downsize to an apartment, or you may choose to move to a Retirement Village, where all the services and facilities that support your desired lifestyle and health needs are at your doorstep and surrounded by a like minded community that makes you feel part of the family and connected.

If a Retirement Village sounds interesting to you, then consider The OASIS Peakhurst Retirement Apartments. You will enjoy living in your premium quality apartment, boasting quality fixtures, fittings and finishes throughout spacious light-filled open plan living spaces. Whilst being surrounded by a friendly community of like-minded individuals and enjoying the lifestyle you have chosen for yourself.

Not only that you will also have access to all the facilities you could desire including heated indoor pool and spa, stylish rooftop sky-deck great for barbeques or to simply entertain your friends. Also, you will have access to the cinema lounge. The OASIS Peakhurst also has an onsite café-restaurant with a resident chef and its very own hair salon. The OASIS Peakhurst will also have its own Medi-wellness centre within its community, making The OASIS Peakhurst completely worry-free, with onsite consultation and treatment by GPs, visiting specialists and Allied Health professionals.

If you are reviewing where to retire and want to find out more about The OASIS Peakhurst Retirement Resort, call Lisa today on 02 8708 4700 or visit https://www.oasispeakhurst.com/