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Your growing community, getting closer.

Posted on 00042021Tue, 22 Jun 2021 16:26:00 +093030

Organised by the Retirement Your Way team, our depositors, and your future residents of Oasis Peakhurst regularly catch up, getting to know each other and finding out the latest about the development.

Our latest was here, at Peakhurst’s popular Cheatday café, where the depositors enjoyed sharing a few laughs and stories over tea and coffee accompanied by some sweet treats. Like Oasis Peakhurst’s construction, the friendships between the depositors are growing stronger, along with the building excitement of our moving in date getting closer.

Regular catch ups are designed to build a friendly, supporting community at Oasis Peakhurst, so when you move into your new home, everyone’s welcomed with a homely familiarity and supportive community from the get-go.

There’s also the opportunity to ask the management, development, and design teams of Oasis Peakhurst specific questions. Brochures and websites are great, but there is nothing better than having your questions answered face to face. Not only that, we listen. Some questions have even led to changes to apartment plans and finishes.

If you want to be part of this growing community then call Lisa on 0409 849 332 or Laura on 0424 098 411.

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